Institute of agribusiness and rural development (IARD)

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IARD is a public, non-for-profit and non-governmental organization, which is situated in Kyiv and is a part of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian agrarian confederation". Institute is created on the initiative of the members of UAC in year 2003.

Main purpose of the activities of Institute is the development and implementation of new market approaches and methods in the areas of agrarian policy and economics on the state, regional and local levels.  

President of the Institute is Kozachenko Leonid, director-Demyanenko Sergiy.

During 2006 Institute performed tasks in the following areas of research:

  • development of the strategy of the development of agrarian policy of Ukraine (under order of Development Program of United Nations Organization).
  • Developed strategy was presented to Secretariat of the President of Ukraine and to the Government of Ukraine and discussed and approved on the meeting of UAC in December, 2005;
  • implementation of the Project of agrarian policy and rural development in Ukraine of the United Stated Agency of international development.  

Research was performed in six areas of agrarian policy in Ukraine: reforming of agriculture state support; development of the market for agricultural lands; encouraging of rural development; decentralization of state administration; rationalization of taxation of agriculture; reforming of regulatory policy in agriculture.

Results of the research were discussed on round tables in the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, UAC, and working group of the Government of Ukraine in program development "Well-being through agrarian development". Recommendations under results of research were presented to Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Government of Ukraine, Committee in agrarian policy and land affairs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine;

  • participation in the project of investment strategy development for agriculture of Ukraine of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO);
  • development of basic information about agriculture of Ukraine for the European Union project "Modeling of agriculture of the countries-members of EU and Eastern Europe countries " AGMEMOD 2020.  

Research is performed in cooperation with Latvian state institute of agrarian economy;

  • participation in the development of complex program of rural development till year 2015 by Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine;
  • research of problems of market for agricultural lands in Ukraine under order of the project "German-Ukrainian agrarian dialogue".

From research results the article was prepared "Market of agricultural lands in Ukraine: to permit or to forbid?".

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