Terms and conditions of admission in membership of UAC

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  1. Membership in UAC may be individual as well as collective. Individual members of UAC could be citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, stateless persons, who are not less than 18 years old and who recognize and fulfill requirements of the Statute, pay membership fees. The volumes of membership fees for individual members are set by Presidium of UAC.
  2. Collective members could be work collectives of firms, organizations, institutions, which contribute to the UAC activities, who recognize and fulfill requirements of the Statute, pay membership fees. The volumes of membership fees for collective members are set by Presidium of UAC.
  3. New member of UAC is admitted on the basis of his/her application, submitted to UAC. Application of the candidate should necessarily contain confirmation of the obligation to follow the Statute of UAC. Admission of individual member is performed through elementary cell of UAC as a result of decision of General Meetings. Admission of collective members is performed on the basis of decision of Presidium of UAC, in keeping with submitted application and decision of work collective, or decision of administrative body – for public organizations. Decision about the admission is made within a month from the moment of application submission and decision of assuming an appointment.
  4. Individual and collective membership begins from the moment of decision made presidium of UAC, or General Meetings of elementary cell. After admission in UAC individual and collective members receive within a month certificate of membership in UAC. Samples of certificates of membership are approved by Presidium of UAC.

Terms and order of leaving the membership in UAC

  1. Membership in UAC stops either as a result of exclusion from members of UAC, or as a voluntary cessation of membership in UAC.
  2. Voluntary cessation is made on the basis of application (from individual member) and decision of work collective (for collective members).
  3. Exclusion from the members of UAC is made, when the member by his/her performance discredits UAC, and decision about this is made by local cell, or by the Board of UAC.

Documents for admission to Ukrainian agrarian confederation for collective members

  1. Application for admission (see --> attachment)
  2. Minutes with decision about admission (see --> attachment)
  3. Information on the applicant's types of activity.
  4. Statute of the applicant (duplicate copy)
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