Advantages Of Membership

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All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian agrarian confederation "(UAC) bridges gaps between scientific and innovational achievements in agro-industrial complex of Ukraine and their practical implementation.

Since year 1992 UAC accumulates huge amounts of most advanced experience of modern agrarian business doing.

Founded by Leonid Kozachenko, one of the famous agrarian policy-makers of the modern Ukraine, UAC has stable leading positions among other professional unions of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

By means of widely presented and professionally managed international activities, UAC sets standards of doing successful agrarian business in Ukraine and pushes the prosperity of the whole country.


To unite professional agro-industrial organizations, producers, converters and services of agrarian industry for the purpose of creation of conditions for effective activities in agro-industrial markets of Ukraine.


  • Cooperation of UAC with Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Government of Ukraine in matters of agrarian development of the country, sustainable development of rural areas and reforming of land affairs;
  • Cooperation of UAC with Government of Ukraine, Ministry of agrarian policy in matters of forming modern agrarian policy if Ukraine on the market basis.
  • Strengthening of prevention measures in revelation of such projects of legislative acts, which could negatively influence the professional activities of UAC members, and taking steps to their correction.
  • Increasing the level of trust of the society to producers, converters and all agrarian workers irrespective of branch, ownership and size of enterprises.
  • Protection and representation of interests of agrarian business in state authority’s bodies.
  • Representation of interests of national agrarian industry abroad by widening cooperation with associations of agri-producers, farmers, cooperatives, converters and other structures of foreign countries.
  • Creation of foundation for the dialogue of representatives of all industries of agri-industrial complex aimed at coordination and common ground forming, respecting interests of all the participants of agrarian markets, consolidation of efforts for speedy development of agrarian industry.
  • Increasing of professional level of specialists of agrarian industry, from public sector employees till commodity producers, by virtue of attraction to management and exchange of experience of new generation of professionals with market experience.

Ukrainian agrarian confederation joins together above 80 biggest professional unions, business and consulting structures of agri-industrial complex, insurance and banking industries, and also areas of resources supply of agrarian production.

Regional representative offices of confederation are created and work efficiently in the most regions of Ukraine.

UAC represents interests of above 50,000 economic agents, and this is about 1 million employees.

The highest administrative bodies of UAC are meetings, Board and Presidium – collegial management bodies of UAC.

Structure of the Head office in Kyiv consists of four main departments: organizational, international, informational and analytical. Heads of these departments together with the general director are the Directorship of UAC.

Structure of UAC comprises also three affiliated subdivisions: Agency for investments and development; European Fund for the development of Ukrainian rural areas; Institute of agrarian business and rural development.

Advantages of membership

Membership in Ukrainian agrarian confederation gives an opportunity to:

  • Facilitate forming of modern agrarian state policy by participating in work of Rada, round tables and expert councils of UAC.
  • Use instruments of public influence for improvement of legislative and regulative grounds in agrarian industry.
  • Protect interests of own organization or business, using the assistance of informational and analytical departments of UAC and mass-media support.
  • Receive weekly and monthly bulletins of UAC and other useful information free of charge.
  • Participate in conferences, seminars, trainings, educational programs, organized by UAC.
  • Use freely information on the web-portal of UAC.
  • Freely use legal consultations and privileged tariffs for legal services of those companies, with whom UAC has cooperation agreements.
  • Use privileged tariffs while business journeys abroad.
  • Participate in career fairs for agro-industrial complex and have an access for data bases of highly qualified young specialists – agrarian universities graduates.
  • Use knowledge and experience of international level specialists of agrarian sector, which are the members of international scientific-expert council of UAC.
  • Take opinions of highly qualified specialists in financial matters and support in investments attraction.
  • Have an internship abroad and secure assistance in international partners search.

UAC invites to cooperation members of agrarian markets, all public and professional organizations, educational and scientific institutions, which bring constructivism and economic prosperity of Ukraine.

By joining efforts together, Ukrainian agrarian confederation would facilitate active development of agrarian industry for the prosperity of Ukraine.


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