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European Fund for the development of Ukrainian rural areas

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European Fund for the development of Ukrainian rural areas, which was founded solely by All-Ukrainian public organization "UAC", is registered in 28 March, 2006.

Mission of the Fund

Creation of comprehensive conditions /facilitation/ for social and economical rural development by providing of necessary financial sources such as privileged banking loans and grants to entrepreneurs /besides agrarian production/ for the consistent with aims of the Fund purposes.

Financing of the activities of the Fund would be performed by raising of funds of non-governmental organizations, in particular, local authorities, rural communities, public unions, and, also, international organizations.

Goal of the Fund

Social and economic revival of rural areas of Ukraine as one of the initial conditions of its successful advance to European Union.

Main tasks of the Fund:

Improvement of the quality of life of rural population, poverty overcoming through creation of favorable conditions for their well-being increase, facilitating of access to socially needed services, gradual approaching of their life conditions to the level of economically developed countries, assuring of competitiveness of rural areas and full realization of their economical potential, public society development.

Generally – social revival of rural areas, overcoming of the poverty of rural population, gradual approaching to the standards of life of economically developed countries.

Areas of activities of the Fund

Forming of social infrastructure of rural areas, assistance to educational and health institutions, business development and employment increase of rural population on basis of effective utilization of natural-resources potential, increase of the role of rural communities in solving problems of social and economic development of their localities. In particular:

  • development of social infrastructure of rural areas;
  • building, modernization and equipping of water supply stations (diversion facility, storage, water treatment), and also water distribution systems and pressure tapings;
  • building, modernization and equipping of general water draining and clearing of municipal drainage in rural;
  • building, modernization and renewal of rural and non-urban roads;
  • development of gas supply networks in the regions, which has no other sources of energy supply;
  • protection of the rural environment;
  • building and equipping of warehouses for rural wastes, their sorting and recirculation;
  • health protection in the rural areas, including building, modernization, equipping of local health protection institutions;
  • educational activities in rural areas, including building, modernization and equipping of rural comprehensive schools, agrarian technical schools, colleges, other educational institutions;
  • provision of informational development of rural society through easement of access of rural residents to Internet (local computer and Internet centers);
  • support of publications, managing and realization of actions, which would distribute and deepen knowledge about European Union and euro-integration, including knowledge in the agricultural areas;
  • development of the culture and education in rural areas through material support of public and professional activities, propaganda of social integration;
  • social and economic development of local communities, which facilitates integration processes with European Union and social and economic cooperation with domestic and international; partners;
  • building, modernization and equipping of the objects of cultural and general and re-creative application;
  • development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the rural areas, not related with agriculture, with the purpose of new working places creation;
  • production of bio-fuel end bio-ethanol (liquid ecological fuel), and heat and electrical power from the reproducible sources of agricultural origin (agricultural products and biomass);
  • development and support of rural tourism, which would increase tourist and investment attraction of rural areas;
  • maintenance and reconstruction of cultural and historical heritage of rural areas.


European Fund for the development of Ukrainian rural areas,
Saksaganskogo str., 53/80, of.807, Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine

Tel.: +38/044/287-65-66, 284-32-38

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