26.04.2011 13:43

Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation supports and encourages Japanese farmers in the local newspaper

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26.04.2011 13:43

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of hundreds of thousands of farmers and agricultural workers of Ukraine I wish to encourage you on these difficult days of trials and despair. Expressing you the words of the deepest sympathy and support from the Ukrainian colleagues, I would like to note that the land work is extremely difficult under any conditions but noble and life-giving, after all it carries the deep philosophy.

The Ukrainian agriculture also survived hard times, especially after Chernobyl disaster. However it hardened our peasants, stimulated the industry for establishment of international contacts, contributed to the beginning of modernization of the principles of management, material and technical basis of the agroindustrial complex. Today the industry still proceeds along the path of formation of the pragmatic agrarian policy, approach to market bases of economy, and these are, believe me, very painful, often unprofitable processes for our farmers.

Knowing the mentality and eternal culture of the hardworking Japanese people, I am sure that the troubles, which have overtaken your land, will become an incitement that unites the nation, and farmers, in particular, round a new high aim - revival and prosperity of your beautiful state Japan. I am sure that God will help to make your field fruitful, and food industry successful in the nearest future. So I wish you courage, robust health and secure belief in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Leonid Kozachenko
Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation

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