26.10.2009 12:04

In September, Ukraine produced nearly 31 thsd tonnes of groats products

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26.10.2009 12:04

According to the data of operative statistics, in September 2009, Ukrainian enterprises produced 31.4 thsd tonnes of groats products as opposed to 23.4 thsd tonnes in August. Ukraine also increased the production volumes by 8% compared to September 2008.

Ukrainian enterprises produced 3.8 thsd tonnes of groats products from wheat (up 14% compared to the previous month), 12.2 thsd tonnes of buckwheat groats (up 2 times), 636 tonnes of pearl barley (down 12%), 699 tonnes of peeled barley (down 32%), 326 tonnes of rice groats (up 5 times) and 4.6 thsd tonnes of maize groats (down 13%), 1.3 thsd tonnes of semolina (up 15%) and 7.8 thsd tonnes of other groats products.

At the end of the reporting month, the carry-over stocks at the enterprises increased by 2% compared to the end of August, and totaled 7.8 thsd tonnes.

During July-September of 2009/10 MY, Ukraine produced 80.5 thsd tonnes of groats, an increase of 15% compared to the same period of 2008/09 MY.

Source: AgriMarket.Info

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