22.04.2024 09:45

More than 2 million hectares of spring cereals and legumes have already been sown in Ukraine

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22.04.2024 09:45

2.053 million hectares of grain and leguminous crops have already been sown on the territory controlled by Ukraine, of which, in particular:

  • corn - 748.7 thousand ha;
  • barley - 741.5 thousand ha;
  • wheat - 204.7 thousand ha;
  • peas - 157 thousand ha;
  • oats - 136.6 thousand ha.

Farmers sowed 792.6 thousand hectares of grain and leguminous crops last week, the most in:

  • Kyiv Oblast - 27.1 thousand hectares of wheat, 40.1 thousand hectares of barley, 4.8 thousand hectares of peas and 4.3 thousand hectares of oats;
  • Ternopil Oblast - 18.9 thousand ha of wheat, 63.6 thousand ha of barley, 3.6 thousand ha of peas and 5.1 thousand ha of oats;
  • Khmelnytskyi Oblast - 14.8 thousand hectares of wheat, 59.1 thousand hectares of barley, 2.6 thousand hectares of peas and 2.5 thousand hectares of oats;
  • Zhytomyr Oblast - 14.5 thousand hectares of wheat, 16.6 thousand hectares of barley, 2.8 thousand hectares of peas and 20.1 thousand hectares of oats;
  • Vinnytsia Oblast - 11.5 thousand hectares of wheat, 55.0 thousand hectares of barley, 6.0 thousand hectares of peas and 1.1 thousand hectares of oats.

Sunflower was sown on 1,395.9 thousand hectares. Sugar beets were sown on 223.7 thousand hectares. Early grain and sugar beet sowing has been completed in Vinnytsia, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi and Chernihiv regions.

Farmers in 15 regions are sowing soybeans, 116.3 thousand ha have already been sown.

Buckwheat and millet sowing has begun in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.

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