18.04.2018 17:22

The XV International Conference "Black Sea Grain" has gathered more than 700 delegates from 50 countries of the world

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18.04.2018 17:22

Today the 15th Anniversary International Conference "Black Sea Grain: Moving Up the Value Chain" have started its work in Kyiv. This leading conference of the grain sector of Ukraine and the Black Sea region, organized by the UkrAgroConsult, has gathered more than 700 delegates from 50 countries of the world.

The Deputy of the Verhovna Rada, President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko congratulated participants with the start of such a large-scale event, and mentioned that the first conference "Black Sea Grain" had brought together a much smaller number of experts, because at that time nobody believed that Ukraine would be at the second place in the world at grain export soon. At the moment, our state is a leader not only in grain export, but also in other very important food positions that are in lack throughout the planet.

In the long run, the number of large enterprises will grow in Ukraine, because they are the ones that form the competitiveness of Ukraine in the world.

For this purpose, it is necessary to create a mortgage bank, as well as start the process of privatization of the financial sector. Among other areas of reform are the completion of the land reform and the opening of the land market. According to Leonid Kozachenko words, the system of "digital faming" helps Ukraine to remain the leader on the world agrarian market.

The Conference "Black Sea Grain" has become an ideal platform for exchanging ideas, discussion of market trends and establishing contacts with world leaders in agribusiness. The leading speakers of the conference focused on the review of global trends of the agrarian market and discussed the topic: "The Black Sea Region: Sources and Borders of the Growth of the Agricultural Sector".



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