19.03.2018 10:29

Ukrainian soybean meal exports increased by almost 30%

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19.03.2018 10:29
A total 137.4 KMT of soybean meal was shipped abroad in September-January 2017/18 that is up 28.5% on the year. As UkrAgroConsult expected, the persistently strong demand and price growth in world markets not only helped soybean meal exports overcome a lag seen earlier in the season, but even brought them to a record level. January exports were higher than last year - 32.8 KMT compared to 22.3 KMT.  

In September-January 2017/18, the bulk of Ukrainian soybean meal exports went to Belarus and the European Union: 33% and 31%, respectively. Remarkably, Belarus became the top buyer of soybean meal from Ukraine at the time. Georgia remained the third biggest importer of the commodity with a 12% share.

Despite the year-on-year rise in soybean meal shipments in the first five months of MY 2017/18, the range of export destinations narrowed. So, soybean meal was exported to 16 countries during these months in MY 2016/17, whereas their number dropped to 13 this season.

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