25.07.2018 12:39

Is Ukraine standing on the threshold of a corn record?

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25.07.2018 12:39

Mass harvesting of early cereals and pulses is under way all over the country. The harvest of wheat and barley is already more than half-complete. As of July 19, winter wheat had been harvested from 62% of its area in the country. Yields are lower than last year in most regions of Ukraine, but they show gains in some of its central and western parts. 

The harvest of spring wheat has just started in the south and, similarly to winter wheat, its first yields in this part of the country are lower than last year because of drought conditions in May-June. As this work advances towards the central and western regions, the yield values are expected to improve. 

The situation with winter barley in Ukraine differs from that with winter what. Unlike spring barley, its yield is actually equal to last year’s level. Ukrainian farmers have harvested one-third of spring barley acreage, with the average yield in the country being down 25% year-on-year.

A significant portion of corn crops are at the stage of pollination. Rain of various intensities fell in key corn-growing regions this past week; it replenished soil moisture in this important phase of corn yield formation. Further precipitation of various intensities is forecast almost all over the country within the coming 5-6 days – this will have a beneficial effect on yield.

The current weather conditions suggest corn yield in Ukraine may rise and new record of it’s prodiction in Ukraine.


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