07.08.2017 12:34

Ukraine increases export of agricultural products to EU

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07.08.2017 12:34

The export of Ukrainian products to the European countries increased by 31.4% in January-June 2017 or by 663.4 million of dollars in comparison with the same period of time of the previous year and equaled 2.7 billion of dollars. The Deputy of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olga Trophimtseva stated such figures as the press service of the ministry reported.

‘Today the EU countries stably take the second place in the regional structure of our agricultural export. Its percent composed 34.9% on the results of the first half of 2017. The total foreign trade value between Ukraine and EU countries also increased by 24.1% or 739.3 million of dollars in comparison with the same period of time of the previous year and equaled 3 802.8 million of dollars. This is the specific result of the work of the Agreement on Free Trade Zone between Ukraine and EU’, Trophimtseva said.

The leaders of import are the Netherlands with 17.6% of volume of export to EU, Spain – 17%, Italy – 13.5%, Poland – 12.1%, France – 6.8%, Germany – 6.7%, the United Kingdom – 3.8%, Portugal – 3.3%, Belgium – % and Hungary – 2.1%.

The increase of export to EU was observed for corn, soy, press cakes, sunflower oil, poultry meat and offal, margarine products, malt extract, groats, barley, fruits and nuts, honey, butter, chocolate and canned tomato.

The European Parliament extended the trade preferences for the agricultural products from Ukraine in the beginning of July. New measures are expected to work for 3 years and include additional quotas for importing at a zero VAT rate some agricultural produce. We know that the expansion concerns honey (for 2,500 tonnes), processed tomatoes (for 3,000 tonnes), grape juice (for 500 tonnes), wheat (65,000 tonnes), corn (625,000 tonnes), kernels and grains of certain cereals (for 7,800 tonnes), oats (4.000 tonnes), and barley (325,000 tonnes). Moreover, the decision means the full cancellation of import duty for certain manufactured goods, such as fertilizers, colorants, pigments and other dyeing substances, shoes, copper, aluminum, and equipment for TV and audio recording.

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