19.08.2016 14:45

Ukraine decreased production of buckwheat groats

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19.08.2016 14:45

According to the State Statistics Service, in 2015 Ukraine produced slightly more than 347 thsd tonnes of groats, a decrease of 1% compared with the indicator of 2014 (350 thsd tonnes). At the same time, some segments demonstrated significant decline of production volumes. Thus, in 2015 the production volumes of buckwheat groats decreased by 25%, and totaled 68.3 thsd tonnes, against 90.9 thsd tonnes in the previous year.

Also, the production of peeled barley groats significantly decreased (down 18%): 13 thsd tonnes, against 16 thsd tonnes. The production of millet groats decreased by 11% (to 16.5 thsd tonnes, against 18.6 thsd tonnes).

In 2015, oats (up 13%, or to 2.4 thsd tonnes) and wheat groats (up 11%, or to 54.5 thsd tonnes) demonstrated the greatest increase in groats production.

Reduction of the planted areas and harvest volumes of groat crops, as well as decreasing of the domestic demand the products, are the main reasons for decreasing of the production of groats in Ukraine. In the season-2016/17, favorable weather conditions resulted in the growth of production of many alternate crops, which will have a positive influence on the rates crops processing in groats. Also, it may increase the supplies of Ukrainian grain by-products on foreign markets.


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