23.02.2024 00:01

Ukraine adheres to environmental standards, - Solskyi

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23.02.2024 00:01

Ukraine adheres to environmental standards. Ukrainian food products are of high quality.

The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mykola Solskyi, announced this last week on the air of the "Yedynі Novyny" telethon.

According to him, in Europe, the issue of human health safety is very strong. Therefore, all Ukrainian products that Ukraine sells to Europe undergo maximum quality control. And there are no questions about quality

Ukrainian agricultural producers spend half as many herbicides per hectare as in Europe. The list of herbicides is more than 90% identical to the European one.


Mykola Solskyi noted that Ukraine and Ukrainian farmers are often accused of not complying with environmental standards.

"I heard this from many ministers. That is, it is not a discussion with some random man on the street.

- They say: You do not comply with environmental standards.

- I say: Tell me which ones.

- He says: You spend more herbicides.

- I show the statistics: We spend two times fewer herbicides per hectare than in Europe. Simply because we have less money lately. And due to some other circumstances.

- You don't have a list of herbicides like ours.

- 90 percent coincides with something. And the one that does not match is debatable in them, but it is allowed in the same US, in Britain and in other advanced countries.

Therefore, there is no discussion. When we talk about our food products, believe me, if they were of poor quality, they would have been closed long ago.

The question in Europe about the safety of human health is so strong and so unconditional that no one would give us any benefits, even in war conditions.

Therefore, everything we sell there passes the maximum quality control, and there are no questions about it.

Let Polish colleagues check our products for quality, we are not afraid of checks

Therefore, when we see this from time to time (criticism of European politicians about the low quality of Ukrainian products, - ed.), we understand that this is PR.

And in my opinion, this is bad, because it raises emotions, raises the degree where it is not necessary."


The Minister of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine added regarding the controversial situation with Poland:

"In my opinion, and in the opinion of many in Ukraine, this protest in Poland, unlike all our other neighbours, not to mention all other EU countries, has hyperbolized attention to Ukraine.


But I am absolutely sure that this degree of emotions should be reduced, and definitely not use the Ukrainian topic as a key one in a situation where the main demands and main problems are not due to us.


And if we compare the situation with all our neighbours, relations are sometimes very good, sometimes more difficult.

But, as we know, for example, we have a border with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. We have transit everywhere.

We have a situation with Bulgaria, when we and the Bulgarian ministers generally check every week how many of our goods arrive there. And we see what to adjust. Conversations with associations are taking place.

That is, it is such a very lively and partner conversation, dialogue. And we need to move on to this (with Poland, - ed.). We need to move away from politics, where there is only economics. And in terms of economy, everything is very simple there."


We will remind that in 2023 the Poles had parliamentary elections. This year, on April 7, elections to local self-government bodies are to be held in Poland. And next year - presidential elections.

"Look, you mentioned there that there are elections again in Poland and the European Union. But we understand all that. Well, look, last year there was one election, this is the second, the day after tomorrow there is a third. And in our country - every day is a war.

It would be nice if, when we are told that "we have elections", they remember that we have a war every day. So we just try to remind about it from time to time," concluded Mykola Solskyi.


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