16.09.2020 14:00

NIBULON’s Shipbuilders are Working on the Sixth Non-self-propelled NBL-91 Project Vessel

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16.09.2020 14:00
NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard continues to build the Ukrainian fleet by building two non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessels and one 121M project tug. At the same time the shipbuilders are maintaining six vessels of the company’s cargo fleet.

The fourth non-self-propelled B1500 project open type vessel (order 10038)

Having successfully performed mooring trials, the non-self-propelled vessel has been delivered to a customer and will soon start operating on the Ukrainian rivers. 

The fifth non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessel (order 10040)

At present the hull structure is 70% complete. The specialists are building the vessel’s forebody and afterbody. 

The workers are installing the coamings and guard rail on the deck. They have started to mount pipelines, electric and fitter items, as well as pre-insulated items. 

The sixth non-self-propelled NBL-91 project vessel (order 10041)

The specialists from the metal processing workshop are actively preparing metal to produce the vessel’s parts. They set the pace of work for other production units at the shipyard. The workers from the assembly fabrication workshop are assembling 24 sections for the order. 

The fourth modernized 121M project tug (order 10044)

The shipbuilders are currently installing a superstructure, and they will then mount the vessel’s wheelhouse.  The workers are equipping an upper deck with the guard rail. 

The specialists have already mounted the Volvo Penta diesel generators, pumps for drainage and ballast systems, as well as all the  tanks required for various purposes. All the installed gear will be connected soon.

The specialists will soon start to insulate and plate the vessel’s compartments, mount a cable network and to install electric panels.

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