10.12.2018 09:00

NIBULON Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Adds a New High-capacity German Crane to Its Cranes

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10.12.2018 09:00

Re-equipment of the crane facilities is also an important and integral part of the effective shipbuilding program and the large-scale reconstruction of NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard. And NIBULON successfully copes with that.

At the beginning of 2018, NIBULON signed a contract with Liebherr-MCCTEC Rostock GmbH (Germany) for the purchase of a high-capacity LPS 180 portal slewing crane. Last month, all components (24 trucks) under the contract arrived at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard. The installation of the crane is in full swing on the building berth.

To date, the specialists have mounted undercarriages (4 units), their supports, a transverse beam of portal, in which about 46 tons of ballast are poured, and machine housing.  At present, the specialists are installing ladders and platforms on the portal; they are assembling a pillar and preparing to install it in the next few days.  At the same time, they are preparing a boom for installation. Under favorable weather conditions, installation of this lifting gear will have been finished by the end of this year.

The LPS180 mobile portal crane has the following technical characteristics: jib length – 35 m, min radius – 9 m, hoisting/lowering max – 90 m/min, slewing max – 1.60 rpm, luffing  max – 83 m/min.

The 400-ton lifting gear is being installed under the strict guidance and supervision of German specialists and Swift Service Ltd., an official representative of the German manufacturer in Ukraine. Due to the size and weight of the main parts of the crane, two high-capacity mobile cranes with lifting capacity of 180 and 100 tons respectively (one of them is also produced by Liebherr) are involved in its installation.

The new crane will ensure the installation of enlarged units of the self-propelled P-140 project vessel that is being constructed at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard. It will integrate the new assembly and fabrication workshop with the building berth.

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