01.10.2018 11:09

NIBULON Put into Operation a New Laboratory Building at Its Terminal in Mykolaiv

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01.10.2018 11:09

This will increase not only agricultural commodity receipt, but also operation efficiency of vehicles delivering it.

NIBULON has demonstrated grain exports records for several consecutive years. In order to maintain its leadership, as well as to create competitive advantages for the Ukrainian agrarian sector in the global market, NIBULON constructs its network of transshipment terminals, modernizes and increases capacities of its own facilities.

After putting into operation a new elevator complex for shipment of grain and oilseeds as part of the transshipment terminal in Mykolaiv (about 43 thousand tons), the company started to expand capacities of its production and technological laboratory. In particular, an engineering building was reconstructed, and part of the laboratory was moved there.  Its main task is to carry out analyses of products received from rail and water transport and shipped for export, as well as to control grain drying and cleaning processes. This will increase not only agricultural commodity receipt, but also operation efficiency of vehicles delivering it.

The contracting organizations’ specialists reinforced the structures of the engineering building, as well as replaced the roof. We used a modern aluminum façade system on the building. High degree of its heat insulation allows one to maintain an adequate temperature regime in the room without additional heating mechanisms. In addition, aluminum is characterized by durability and high endurance, resistance to various weather conditions. There is also an elevator for two floors.

To equip the new laboratory, NIBULON purchased modern equipment from foreign producers, namely an Infratec NOVA grain analyzer (Denmark), Perten LM 3100 and Perten ML 3300 mills (Sweden), an INSTALAB 700 analyzer to measure glucosinolate (the USA), a Memmert drying oven (Germany), dividers from Seedburo Equipment Company (the USA), Axis laboratory scales (Poland). It should be noted that according to international companies, the equipment installed in its production and technological laboratory, chemical-technological laboratory, and in production and technological laboratories of NIBULON’s production branches is of the highest level.

NIBULON equipped a separate workplace and a recreation room in the new laboratory for representatives of surveyor companies who visit the transshipment terminal to control products shipped for export.

Thus, the company creates the most favourable conditions for the Ukrainian agrarian market development. Increase in the productivity of facilities, increase in the elevator capacities will provide prompt grain delivery from producer to buyer and timely shipment of agricultural products for export,  thereby increasing the status of Ukraine as a reliable partner in the global market.



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