11.07.2019 12:00

NIBULON has Sent the First Batch of Grain by Its Own Hopper Cars

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11.07.2019 12:00

At the end of June, NIBULON’s General Director, Hero of Ukraine Oleksiy Vadaturskyy announced the acquisition of the company’s own hopper cars.

  “… To complete our happiness, we did not have enough hopper cars. We made a decision. We solved the issue in a very short time and we have already received them…”, wrote Oleksiy Vadaturskyy on his Facebook.


According to Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, until very recently NIBULON didn’t plan to buy hopper cars. In his opinion, there are enough hopper cars in Ukraine to transport twice as much grain,

“The railcars turnover from the center of Ukraine to the port should be 3-4 days (in both directions), but not 10-12 days as it happens now. No matter how many railcars you add, if the effectiveness of their use is not improved, the situation will not change and railcars turnover will even get worse; there will always be lack of railcars”, he said.

NIBULON has years of successful experience in organizing logistics infrastructure in Ukraine. The company’s modern complexes are capable of loading hopper cars efficiently. So, it takes the company 3 days, while others use them 3-4 times less efficiently.

IC UAC according to NIBULON


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