19.12.2017 09:00

Ironworkers Start Working at the Construction Site of the Transshipment Terminal

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19.12.2017 09:00

Ironworkers start working at the construction site of the elevator complex for shipment of grain and oilseeds as part of NIBULON’s transshipment terminal in Mykolaiv.

The areaway for the headhouse is completed, foundation for two silos has been laid, and the specialists will start mounting metalware. The contracting organizations start bringing metalware to the terminal.

The number of piling machines at the construction site has decreased, as there are the last piles for silos No. 18-19 to be driven in. However, the number of cranes has grown; there are six units at the construction site.

Reconstruction of the cargo berth is also in full swing. It is carried out by specialists of Kyiv company Ukrdobrobud. Upon reconstruction completion, the berth length will attain 222 m.

In total, more than 150 persons from more than 10 contracting organizations are involved in the construction process of the complex. However, the number of builders, as well as working area, grows each day. As a result, about 500 persons will be provided with work.

We would remind you that the new elevator complex, like all other complexes of the company, will be equipped with the best modern equipment of leading manufacturers such as Cimbria Unigrain A/S (Denmark), FRAME S.R.L.  (Italy), BUHLER GmbH (Switzerland), Precia S.A. (France). The suppliers have already delivered the overwhelming majority of the equipment. The rest of the equipment specified by contracts will be delivered at the beginning of the next month.

Upon construction completion, which is scheduled for February 2018, total capacity of grain silos located at NIBULON’s transshipment terminal will attain 173 thousand tons. 


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