11.04.2022 09:30

EU introduces quotas for import of fertilisers from Russia

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11.04.2022 09:30

The European Union, as part of the next package of sanctions, has limited the import of fertilisers from Russia.

The restrictions do not apply to deliveries before July 10 under contracts concluded before April 9 this year, according to the Official Journal of the EU.

From July 10, the European Union introduces quotas on the import of a number of Russian fertilisers for a period of one year. The quota for the import of potassium chloride (code 3104 20) will be 837.57 thousand tons, complex and other fertilizers containing potassium (codes 3105 20, 3105 60 and 3105 90) – 1 million 577.807 thousand tons.

The size of quotas can be adjusted by the European Commission.

There are no restrictions on the import of other types of fertilisers.

Earlier on Friday, the European Commission announced that as part of a new package of sanctions against Russia, it would take “measures to counteract the supply of potassium chloride from Belarus” bypassing the sanctions.

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