07.11.2017 10:40

Effectiveness of agribusiness in Ukraine: results of the research

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07.11.2017 10:40

The President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko has presented the results of the research about effectiveness of agribusiness in Ukraine.  The research has been presented during the conference "Agribusiness in Ukraine. The concept of the world championship" at the exhibition "Agrocomplex-2017 ".

The Analytical Department of UAC has analyzed the data of 8500 agro-enterprises in 2015 and 2016 years. We used the information from the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (StateGeoCadastre), the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, and also asked for financial data direct from agriholdings.  Thus, all enterprises were divided into 6 groups (less than 100 ha, 100-200 ha, 200-1000 ha, 1000-5000 ha, 5000 – 10000 ha, more than 10 000 ha).

We analyzed these groups according to different criteria, such as:  the number of created job placements, the payment of taxes, the contribution to the social sphere, the efficiency (crop yield / productivity of animals), etc.

Table 1. The number of created job placements


Table 2. Rent land fee per 1 ha (1000 hrivna)

Generaly, the larger the company is, the bigger the rent fee is.


Table 3. Net profit from agroproduction, 1000 hryvnias per 1 ha

Table 4. Costs of production, 1000 hryvnias per 1 ha

You can find the presentation with the results of the research below.

efektivnist_agrobiznesu_doslidzhennya_uak_1.pdf3.68 MB

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