28.12.2023 15:55

A civilian vessel under the flag of Panama was blown up by a mine in the Black Sea

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28.12.2023 15:55

In the Black Sea, a civilian vessel under the flag of Panama was detonated by an enemy sea mine.

The Ukrainian Southern Defence Forces reported this.

The bulker was on its way to one of the Danube ports to be loaded with grain.

The ship lost speed and control, a fire broke out on the upper deck. To avoid flooding, the captain anchored the ship aground.

Boats of the Maritime Guard and Search and Rescue Service immediately assisted the crew and brought medics on board.

Upon inspection of the ship and interview of the captain, two sailors were found injured.

One was treated on the spot, the second wounded person was taken to the nearest hospital for further examination, accompanied by medics. His condition is satisfactory.

Tugboats are directed to the vessel for removal from the ground and delivery to the port.

"The Defence Forces continue to ensure the safety of civilian shipping in conditions of dense sea mining by the enemy. Stormy weather often increases mine danger. That is why the issue of sea demining with the support of international partnership remains relevant," the military reports.

Let's remind you that Britain and Norway are launching a maritime coalition for Ukraine. Britain will also hand over two warships for mine clearance.

As of December 19, more than 10 million tons of agricultural and metal products were exported by 302 ships from the ports of "Odesa", "Chornomorsk" and "Pivdenny" to 24 countries of the world through the Ukrainian Sea Corridor. Of them, more than 7 million tons are agricultural products.

IC UAC according to the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Southern Defence Forces

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