13.04.2018 09:00

2018 may become a turning point for Ukrainian rivers

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13.04.2018 09:00

No secret that Ukrainian rivers have a great potential in the cargo transportation sector. The volume of basic cargo, which is generated in regions close to the Dnieper River, allows estimating possible cargo base at 60 MMT per year. Whereas now the total cargo traffic of inland waterway transport is only 8 MMT.

But there is a number of problems, which are main reasons for low realization of Ukrainian rivers potential, including natural shallowing of rivers, shortage of a specialized fleet, high level of tariffs and fees on rivers. Despite the limiting factors, 2018 has every chance to become a turning point for the river logistics, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The main sticking point for the development of cargo transportation along rivers is the bill "On Inland Water Transport", which was once again sent for revision at the first reading in Parliament.



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