02.07.2018 09:00

Wheat exports from Ukraine down 3% in MY 2017/18

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02.07.2018 09:00

Ukraine supplied some 1 MMT of wheat to foreign markets in May 2017/18. This was down 10% from April (1.1 MMT) but up 2% from May 2016/17 (986.8 KMT).

In July-May 2017/18, wheat exports totaled 16.3 MMT, or 3% less than in the same period in MY 2016/17. 

Ukrainian wheat shipments to the European Union and Indonesia grew substantially in the current season. In the period under review, exports to Indonesia increased to 2.1 MMT that was 31% more than in the whole of MY 2016/17. At the same time, the European Union imported 1.6 MMT of wheat that is up 42% from the whole of MY 2016/17 (a bit more than 1 MMT).

Last season’s biggest importers of Ukrainian wheat decreased imports this year. The greatest fall is seen in deliveries to the Indian market. In the period under review, this country imported 499.6 KMT of wheat that is 83% less than in July-May 2016/17 (2.9 MMT). Deliveries to Egypt decreased 27%. Exports to Bangladesh were down 10%, while those to South Korea dropped 9%.


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