20.10.2017 15:52

Ukraine threshes almost 48 mln tonnes of grain and leguminous crops

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20.10.2017 15:52

Ukraine as of October 20 had threshed 47.8 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops from 12.1 million ha, according to a posting on the website of the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine.

Farmers threshed 183,000 tonnes of buckwheat from 164,000 ha, 79,000 tonnes of oats from 55,000 ha, and 9.7 million tonnes of corn from 2.1 million ha.

Some 10.5 million tonnes of sunflower was threshed from 5.4 million ha, 2.4 million tonnes of soybeans from 1.3 million ha and 6.1 million tonnes of sugar beets from 142,000 ha.

Ukraine had by October 20 sown 5.8 million hectares with winter grain crops for the 2018 harvest out of 7.2 million ha planned.

In particular, winter wheat crops were sown on 5.6 million ha (the plan is 6.1 million ha), rye crops on 161,000 ha (161,000 ha), and barley on 672,000 ha (926,000 ha).

Rapeseeds had been sowed on 838,000 ha or 108% of the target.

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine harvested about 66 million tonnes of grain crops in 2016.

The Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry forecasts this year's grain harvest at 60.2-63 million tonnes.


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