13.03.2017 09:21

Ukraine posts 45.4% rise in poultry exports

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13.03.2017 09:21

Ukraine in January and February 2017 exported 31,730 tonnes of poultry, and this was 45.4% more than a year ago, the State Fiscal Service has reported.

In money terms poultry exports rose by 37.8%, to $39.75 million.

Poultry imports grew by 38.8%, to 16,080 tonnes and in money terms it increased by 28%, to $6.4 million.

According to customs statistics, pork exports in January and February 2017 rose by 56.7%, to 1,130 tonnes for $2.11 million compared to $1.07 million in January and February 2016.

Pork imports to Ukraine over the period plunged by 33%, to 450 tonnes. Pork for $742,000 was imported to the country and this was 10.9% less than in January and February 2016.

As reported, Ukraine in 2016 exported 3,160 tonnes of pork, which is 88.4% less than in 2015. Pork imports in 2016 decreased by 23.2%, to 2,840 tonnes.

Poultry exports in the past year grew by 48.9%, to 240,160 tonnes. Poultry imports in 2016 rose by 36%, to 83,300 tonnes.

IC UAC according to Interfax-Ukraine.

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