09.10.2017 16:32

Ukraine increased linseed exports by 58%

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09.10.2017 16:32
Linseed exports from Ukraine totaled 3.6 KMT in August 2016/17 that is up more than 2.5 times from July (1.4 KMT) and up 44% from August 2016 (2.5 KMT). Due to the upward trend seen in the latter half of the season, linseed exports for the whole season hit a record 63 KMT, or 57.5% more than last marketing year (40 KMT).

The end markets of Ukrainian linseed were diversified considerably in the 2016/17 season, when its importers numbered 50 countries. In addition, the key buyers stepped up purchases from Ukraine: they absorbed a combined 90% of all the linseed shipped abroad. So, Hungary accounts for 44% of total linseed exports, the EU for 34%, Turkey for 8% and Egypt for 5%. The past season featured the opening of new end markets, for instance, such as Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and others.

IC UAC according to UkrAgroConsult.


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