25.02.2019 12:14

Ukraine entered 85 new markets in 2018

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25.02.2019 12:14

In the year 2018, Ukraine significantly expanded the geography of agricultural products exports, having entered 85 new markets, the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP) reports.

    “Due to the high trade volumes over the last ten years, Ukraine has managed to achieve a breakthrough in the export of animal products for a number of commodity items. And last year there was an expansion of the export geography and an increase in the number of enterprises authorized for the export of food products of animal origin,” Vladimir Lapa, Head of the SSUFSCP, noted.

Last year, Ukraine entered the markets of the following countries:

    Albania (poultry meat);
    the Republic of Ghana (poultry meat);
    the Republic of Macedonia (dairy products, animal feed), the Kingdom of Morocco (poultry meat, egg products);
    the U.A.E. (live sheep and goats, daily young poultry, live poultry, hatching eggs);
    the Republic of Serbia (eggs and egg products);
    the Republic of Tajikistan (meat, meat and dairy products, fish, fish products, raw materials of animal origin, feed of plant origin);
    the Republic of Tunisia (poultry meat);
    Turkey (fresh, chilled, frozen meat in carcasses, meat boning cattle);
    Montenegro (eggs and egg products) and others.

306 Ukrainian enterprises have the right to export to the EU countries, including 126 producers of food products (poultry meat, fish, honey, eggs, dairy products). In 2018, 20 international export certificates and 24 import certificates for animals and animal products were developed and agreed.

In 2018, the expansion of the geography of Ukrainian export supplies covered 21 countries where poultry products are delivered.

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