13.09.2023 14:32

UGA founded a Charity Fund for demining agricultural land in Ukraine

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13.09.2023 14:32

The Ukrainian Grain Association has founded a Charity Fund to help Ukrainian farmers clear their fields of mines and be able to sow and grow grain again. Today, 6 million hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine have been affected by the war – mined, contaminated, occupied, or undergoing military operations.

Experts believe that it will take a decade and about $9-12 billion to demine the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian farmers, who have already suffered heavy losses from the war and then from the blockade of Ukrainian ports, are unable to clear their own fields of mines on their own in most cases. The loss of this grain-growing land will have enormous consequences for the agricultural sector, the country’s economy, the welfare of farmers, and the availability of food for tens or hundreds of millions of people around the world who rely on affordable grain supplies from Ukraine.

The UGA decided to establish a charity fund to assist with the charitable demining of agricultural land in Ukraine considering the world requires Ukrainian grain and Ukrainian farmers are committed to returning to producing it as soon as feasible.

The funds raised by the UGA Charity Fund will be directed exclusively to organizations that train deminers, directly carry out demining, or to specialized funds that finance demining projects in Ukraine. We emphasize for those who have concerns about the use of the funds that the funds raised cannot be used for any purpose other than demining, of course, they cannot be used for the purchase of weapons.

Ukraine needs huge funds to demine all agricultural land. But we can all make our own contribution to the recovery of Ukraine’s grain industry. Let’s not give the aggressor a chance to starve people around the globe!

More details about the UGA International Charity Fund and how to donate to humanitarian demining: www.fund.uga.ua.

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