20.04.2023 10:30

UDEU demands the government of Ukraine to introduce a ban on the import of dairy products from Poland

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20.04.2023 10:30

Two-day negotiations between representatives of the Ukrainian government and Polish colleagues regarding the ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural and food products into Poland, as well as their transit, introduced for the period from April 15 to June 30, ended in Warsaw. The result of the negotiations was an agreement on the resumption of transit through the territory of Poland from April 21.

The Union of the Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine is disappointed with the outcome of the negotiations. It does not change the situation with the ban on milk exports and thus puts the domestic dairy industry under attack.

"We demand from our government to protect the domestic dairy industry by introducing mirror measures: ban the import of Polish dairy products to Ukraine for the period of the ban on the import of Ukrainian dairy products to Poland.

The UDEU reminds that only the European Commission can make a decision on trade restrictions. We count on the support of the government of Ukraine and European colleagues, who can return the trade relations of our countries to the field of European legislation," they said in their statement.

IC UAC according to the UDEU

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