30.01.2018 10:16

Silos of the New Terminal Become Higher Every Day

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30.01.2018 10:16

The company continues constructing its complex for shipment of grain and oilseeds with the capacity of about 43 thousand tons in Mykolaiv.The silos and headhouse of the future transshipment complex become higher every day. To date, due to the unique lifting crane of 90 tons, almost all galleries and bridges (except for galleries and bridges of silo No. 18 and silo No. 19) have been raised.

Construction of the berth is in full swing. The builders are putting a formwork under the bottom of the berth plate of section No. 11.

The reliable leading producers keep supplying equipment in order to install and assemble it on the construction site. These are:  FRAME S.R.L. (Italy), Bühler GmbH (Germany), Precia S.A. (France), Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure GmbH (Germany), Simatek (Denmark), UAB Liucija (Lithuania), ETS DENIS (France).

Upon the implementation of this investment project, as well as upon construction completion of the new transshipment terminals along the Dnipro River (it is planned to construct two terminals this year), the company will reach a new level of transport infrastructure development.  Within the program implementation, NIBULON’s General Director, Hero of Ukraine Oleksiy Vadaturskyy and the company’s leading specialists in construction and hydrotechnical structures, energy, ecology, land relations paid working visits to Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions last week. Thus, except for its complex for shipment of grain and oilseeds in Mykolaiv, NIBULON will construct two more terminals in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions by the beginning of the 2018 harvesting season.


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