01.06.2010 09:25

Sergey Stoianov, UAC Director General: An intrigue of 2009/2010 grain season – will Ukraine maintain its status of the world grain exporter second to USA?

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01.06.2010 09:25

In May 2010, grain export from Ukraine amounted to 850,000 MT or twice as less than in May 2009. In particular, there were exported 230,000 MT of wheat, 340,000 MT barley, and nearly 280,000 MT of corn.

Thereby, Ukrainian export of grain reaped in 2009 exceeded the 20 million MT mark by 0.2 million MT, which includes 8.9 million MT of wheat (3 million MT down from the previous season), 5.9 million MT barley, and 5.2 million MT of corn (two latter crops export pretty much matches respective indicators of the previous year), - reports Sergey Stoianov (Сергей Стоянов), UAC Director General.

An intrigue of the season holds – will Ukrainian export break through the mark of 21 million MT? Also, will Ukraine remain in the second position after USA on this indicator?

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