08.06.2017 09:47

Second stage of Allseeds’ global development in Yuzhny port launched

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08.06.2017 09:47

The Group Allseeds started to implement the second stage of its global development in Yuzhny port, the construction of a multifunctional soybean crushing plant, with a daily production capacity of 5,000 tons. This plant will be unique in capacity among the European oil extraction plants.

According to the estimates of the company, the plant’s construction and the upgrade of the infrastructure necessary for the plant’s operation will take about three years.

Launching such a plant will require the company to increase its reception and shipping by about 1,7 million tons of raw materials and processed goods – soybean meal and oil.  The development the plant will include additional funds for the infrastructure capacity increase in Yuzhny port – a complex that includes elevators, tanks and railway facilities.

Scaling up the production will allow Allseeds to realizes consequent synergies and raises the company’s efficiency through significant savings on the fixed costs.

As a result, this development will allow the company to become remain competitive.

Allseeds will become the No.2 company in the oilseeds market of Ukraine with a totalcrash capacity of  2.5 million tons per year. The amount of investments of Allseeds in Ukraine will reach $ 400 million.

“Major engineering companies of the world’s oil extraction industry –  such as Andreotti Impianti, Europa Crown, Desmet Ballestra, Jiangsu Muyang and others – are taking part in the tender for the supply of the equipment and technology for this new plant,” indicates Vyacheslav Petryshche, head of Allseeds Board.

IC UAC according to allseeds.com.

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