25.03.2019 09:58

The Scientific and Educational Elite of Ukraine Visited NIBULON’s Facilities in Mykolaiv

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25.03.2019 09:58

On March 20, the scientific and educational elite of Ukraine arrived in Mykolaiv as part of the fourth round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in geography. The guests visited NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard and the transshipment terminal.

Senior specialist of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Roman Hladkovskyi, Docror in Economics, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Geography of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Yaroslav Oliinyk, Ph.D. in Geography, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Geography of Lesia Ukrainka Eastern European National University (Lutsk) Mykhailo Melniichuk, Doctor in Geography, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Geography of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University Valerii Rudenko, heads of departments from the leading universities of Ukraine, talented teachers and their students from 20 regions of Ukraine were the guests at NIBULON’s facilities in Mykolaiv.

At first the excursion was held at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard. The guests visited the newly built workshops equipped with the modern devices from the leading manufacturers. They also familiarized themselves with the progress of the shipbuilding program and the reconstruction which will bring it to a new higher level and make it the most modern in Ukraine, as well as saw the construction process of the vessels. At present, the company is constructing three vessels. But the visitors were very impressed byNIBULON MAX, a 140-m floating crane. It is not surprising as the vessel is the largest one in NIBULON’s history and in the history of independent Ukraine.  Ph.D. in Geography, Associate Professor of Department of Geography and Natural Science of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Roman Slyvka said, 

“I believe that the concept of NIBULON’s work is very impressive. Therefore I have been popularizing the company’s ideas for a long time and have been telling all the teachers of the Carpathian region about your achievements. You make a huge contribution to the development of the agrarian industry and shipbuilding in Ukraine. I was very impressed by the shipbuilding yard. I am sure that NIBULON’s shipyard has a great future. And today’s achievements are just the beginning. Ukraine has all the grounds for developing shipbuilding and NIBULON is a direct proof of this. You develop river transport, overcoming many obstacles. In particular, you carry out dredging operations on the Southern Buh and the Dnipro Rivers on your own. And what huge taxes you pay to the state budget. I am fascinated by NIBULON’s activities. I want there would be more such companies”. 

Acquaintance with NIBULON’s real achievements in creating the system of procurement, processing of grain, shipment on water transport, etc. was a valuable experience for scientists from all over Ukraine.  The guests familiarized themselves with these and many other aspects of the company’s work at the transshipment terminal for shipment of grain and oilseeds.

“You know, Ukraine has future! If there were more such companies as yours, our country would be much richer. Using NIBULON’s example we have the opportunity to study the experience of implementation of the latest technologies at transshipment terminals, the successful application of world standards and so on. I was fascinated with you laboratory.  You know, I have something to compare it with because I have visited laboratory complexes of other companies. But I haven’t seen such laboratory and research equipment and such highly qualified specialists anywhere.  I was especially impressed by the accuracy with which experts determine the quality of grain products. Finally, the time has come when we care not only about quantitative indicators, but first of all - about qualitative ones, because this is about both longevity and world recognition. The main thing is that due to such an approach to work, as NIBULON’s one, Ukraine becomes competitive in the global market”, said Tetiana Hilberh, Ph.D in Geography, head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Technologies of Khmelnytskyi Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. 

Excursions at NIBULON’s facilities for teachers, pupils and students have already become a tradition. And each year the number of excursions grows. It is precisely such measures that allow pupils to decide on future professions. They enable students of agrarian specialties, shipbuilding specialties and other specialties to decide on professional becoming. And educators note a unique opportunity to see real achievements of the successful Ukrainian company with their own eyes in order to apply the acquired experience in their scientific and pedagogical work. This is not just a theory, this is a real story of NIBULON’s success, an example that not only provides the qualitative assimilation of relevant knowledge by students, but also inspires young people to future accomplishments for the development of Ukraine and the well-being of each of us.


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