09.11.2023 09:37

Russia attacked a civilian vessel in the Black Sea yesterday

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09.11.2023 09:37

The Defence Forces of Southern Ukraine reported this in Telegram on November 8.

"Continuing the terror of civilian shipping, the enemy insidiously attacked with an anti-radar missile Kh-31P in the direction of one of the ports of Odesa from tactical aircraft in the Black Sea.

The missile hit the superstructure of a civilian vessel under the flag of Liberia, at the time of its entry into the port," the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

As the military informed, three members of the crew - citizens of the Philippines - were wounded, one of them was hospitalized.

The pilot, unfortunately, died. Another port worker was injured.

"Russia has once again confirmed the status of a terrorist country of international scale," the Armed Forces reminded.


Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine – Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov a little later also confirmed that Russia has once again attacked the port infrastructure of Odesa.

According to the minister, this is already the 21st targeted attack by Russia after leaving the "grain agreement". During this time, the terrorist country damaged more than 160 infrastructure facilities and 122 vehicles.

And the civilian ship that was hit yesterday was supposed to transport iron ore to China.

"Unfortunately, the Russian missile killed one person and injured three crew members - citizens of the Philippines.

That is why Ukraine is doing everything to strengthen air defence and cover the south of Ukraine from Russian terrorist attacks. We thank all partners who help protect our sky," Oleksandr Kubrakov emphasized.


IC UAC according to the Telegram channel of the Defence Forces of Southern Ukraine and the Facebook page of the Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine

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