03.03.2022 16:09

Putin’s nazi army is responsible for creating a humanitarian crisis in Mariupol - mayor

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03.03.2022 16:09

The occupiers hinder the supply and recovery of electricity, water and heat, food delivery.

The Russian military is creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Mariupol.

The mayor of the city Vadim Boychenko declared it.

"These bastards couldn’t find a way to break us. So now they are trying to prevent us from repairing electricity, water and warmth supply. They also damaged the railway connection. They destroyed the bridges, they destroyed the trains so that we could not evacuate our women, children and elderly people. They prevent us from getting a provision supply. They are trying to create a blockade here, just like in Leningrad. 

For seven days they have been deliberately destroying critical infrastructure of the city. We don’t have electricity, water and warmth – again! Putin’s military hordes are shelling the city and don’t allow to evacuate injured, women and children," commented the mayor.

The mayor of Mariupol said that they were doing their best to repair the critical infrastructure as fast as possible.

"We are working with international institutions to create a “green corridor” for a humanitarian mission. We are working to provide ceasefire to repair electricity supply.

Mariupol is still being shelled, the women, kids and elderly people are suffering. We are being exterminated as a nation. This is a genocide of the Ukrainian nation. Those hypocrites came here “to save” Russian-speaking people of Mariupol and oblast, but in reality they are conducting genocide of our people of Ukrainian, Russian, Greek and other origin," adds Vadim Boychenko.

IC UAC according to Mariupol City Council

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