22.12.2017 15:55

NIBULON’s Shipbuilders Launched the 67th Vessel of the Company’s River Fleet

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22.12.2017 15:55

On December 21, the company launched Nibulonivets-2 non-self-propelled floating crane at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard.

This is the second Nibulonivets built at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard. The similar Nibulonivetsfloating crane was added to the cargo fleet of NIBULON’s shipping company two years ago. It has transshipped more than 738 thousand tons of grain cargoes.  

It was after successful operation of the non-self-propelled floating crane launched in December 2015 and in connection with construction of new river terminals, and therefore an increase in transportation volumes by river, NIBULON’s shipping company decided to order one more floating crane.  

Length of Nibulivets-2 is 38.5 m; breadth – 12 m; depth – 3.45 m; draught – 1.85 m. The non-self-propelled floating crane will operate together with TEREX FUCHS MHL 385D mobile loading machine with the capacity to load 4,000 tons per day. The non-self-propelled crane and loader will perform loading and unloading operations in the roads and at the transshipment terminal, as well as will load non-self-propelled vessels to the full load on the Dnipro River. Total capacity of the floating crane is about 400-500 thousand tons per year.

Upon outfitting completion, in particular, mounting of electric equipment, insulation, finishing of living accommodations and upon mooring and sea trials, the vessel will be put into operation. It will become the 67th vessel of NIBULON’s shipping company.

All parts for Nibulonivets-2 hull were produced in a new metal processing workshop with plasma cutting and gas cutting machines, which was built within the large-scale reconstruction of the company’s shipyard. The modern equipment promotes not only the increase in rates of the work but also the improvement of the parts quality.

The floating crane is the eighth vessel launched by NIBULON’s shipbuilders in 2017. This year NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard has completed construction of a series of the non-self-propelled B2000 project vessels intended for operation on the Southern Buh River, the 121M project tugs named after famous Mykolaiv shipbuilders (Yurii MakarovAnatolii HankevychNodari Chanturiia), and MYKOLAIVETS dredger

NIBULON continues reconstructing its shipyard in parallel with construction of the cargo fleet. At present, NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard continues constructing two non-self-propelled river-sea vessels with tonnage of 5,000 tons (B5000 project) with two holds and improved operating characteristics. In addition, the shipbuilders will start constructing two multipurpose tugs of 3,500 hp (T3500 project) soon. It is planned to put them into operation in May-June 2018.


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