06.10.2023 10:09

NIBULON received the first demining machine from Global Clearance Solutions AG

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06.10.2023 10:09

NIBULON received the first of four state-of-the-art GCS-200 mechanical demining platforms from the Swiss company Global Clearance Solutions.

One such machine is capable of clearing an area the size of a football field every day, eliminating explosive threats and returning agricultural lands to the economy and infrastructure to civilian use.

The Swiss company Global Clearance Solutions not only provided NIBULON with a modern demining machine fresh from production, but also ensured that it was put into operation directly in Ukraine. The project is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German State Development Bank (KFW DEG).

GCS Deputy Head of Operations Ashley Williams notes that the company wants to support NIBULON, Ukraine's largest grain exporter, and quickly improve the qualifications of NIBULON deminers for safe and efficient work on GCS-200 demining machines.

Instead, the head of the demining department of NIBULON, Maksym Sovetkin, thanked the company’s partners for their support: «We are sincerely grateful to the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), the German State Development Bank (KFW DEG) for financing the project, and the GCS company for providing and putting into operation a modern GCS-200 demining machine. This is another step in the direction of demining Ukrainian lands, and our team will do everything possible to make Ukrainian fields safe».

As was already noted, the GCS-200 is designed for heavy demining tasks with maximum survivability in difficult environmental conditions.

The machine has a V-shaped body made of high-strength steel for maximum survivability in high-threat areas. Remote controlled with integrally and protected camera systems for safe and precise operation: remote-control operating distance within the range of 300-3500 m depending on configuration and operational environment.

The machine is effective for clearance of AP Mines and AT Mines with tiller (clearance depth up to 31.50 cm) and flail (clearance depth up to 30.50 cm).

Good traction and movement of equipment in conditions of difficult terrain provide infinitely variable hydrostatic travel drive, independent for each track, and by the hydraulic motors for travel drive, which are propelled by the PTO drives of the Allison gearbox. State-of-the-art components and highly durable materials to withstand the harshest climatic conditions.

Manipulator for lifting heavy objects gives the operator the opportunity to remove objects from the ground from 650 kg to 2,000 kg. Manipulator with various tools for disposal of IEDs and removal of UXO & AXO allows to excavate/expose, grip/lift, push with integrated dozer blade, cut and disrupt/de-arm.

IC UAC according to NIBULON

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