03.03.2017 14:46

Kutoviy: Land sales should be allowed only to Ukrainians

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03.03.2017 14:46

Ukraine's Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry Taras Kutoviy has said only Ukrainian individuals should have the right to buy land parcels.

"Now we have two clear theses: only Ukrainian citizens and only individuals should have the possibility of buying parceled land. The amount of land in ownership should be restricted, and the price should be no lower than the pecuniary appraisal," Minister Taras Kutoviy said.

He said that most problems in the land reform today involve the fact that the turnover of land is not regulated.

"Farmers own and use land, but, unfortunately, they cannot administer it. If farmers are owners today, they should be real owners, as this is the asset they are working on and which they want to bequeath," the minister said.

Kutoviy said that the decision concerning the land reform will be made in parliament. The government has not yet submitted a bill on the turnover of land. The issue is being actively discussed, taking into account opinions of agrarian society. The minister invited representatives of farmer associations to actively take part in the dialog and constructive cooperation with the ministry.

"I think that we will organize an open office at the ministry to work with representatives of farmers. We plan to meet with the farmers in the near term. We should be open and work together," he said.

IC UAC according to Interfax-Ukraine.

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