29.04.2022 14:24

International security standards should be applied to Ukraine as a guarantor of food security - Taras Vysotsky

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29.04.2022 14:24

Russia's war against Ukraine has shown the need to change approaches to the guarantors of food security, one of which is Ukraine. Taras Vysotskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, spoke about what these guarantees should be on the air of the UA national marathon.

Many countries in the world depend on imports of agricultural products.

"Ukraine is a world leader in food exports. Our products are imported by Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are one of the five largest exporters of agricultural products. And for some countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, the question of supplying our products is a matter of life or hunger. In these countries, reserves are usually only for 2-3 months of consumption. Our war has been going on for more than two months. Reserves are running out, and Ukrainian ports are still blocked," Taras Vysotsky said.

According to him, there are currently no international guarantees that this food will be supplied systematically. There should be mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of exporting countries, the ability to transport products, avoiding any port blockages and delays in exporting products. After all, every year we feed, in addition to ourselves, about 400 million people, most of whom may face hunger.

"Transportation of agricultural products by rail or road, as is currently the case, makes logistics more expensive. Now, in order to deliver products, for example through Polish ports, it is necessary to cover a distance three to four times longer. Therefore, it causes more expensive products. World prices for agricultural products have risen, in some positions - up to 30%," said the First Deputy Minister.

At the same time, as a rule, the countries that import our products have a low level of welfare - they are sensitive to prices. Therefore, in addition to the fact that physically, products are becoming fewer for them, they are even fewer available due to rising prices, added Taras Vysotsky.

"Ukraine has made it clear in the international arena that it is not stopping exports or blocking them. Everything we do not need for domestic consumption, we are ready to supply. Moreover, on our initiative, new checkpoints, new terminals, and new facilities at the western border are now being opened on the go to increase these exports. We want to fulfill all the obligations to our partners, which have been formed in recent years and whom we have never failed," Taras Vysotsky summed up.

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