31.01.2019 17:35

Food production in Ukraine declined by 1.9%

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31.01.2019 17:35

According to results of the year 2018, food production in Ukraine declined by 1.9%, while producer and consumer prices increased respectively by 9.6% and 11.5%. The analysts of UAC admit this based on the data from the State Statistics Service.

The biggest decreasing is observed in sugar production, which went down by 14,6%. It could be caused both by reduction of sugar beet production by 12% in 2018 and by decreasing of world and internal prices. Actually, for sugar the average consumer price down by 16% and average producer price down by 21,1%.

Besides, there has been a decrease of 7.6% in the production of flour and cereal industry, 4.9% in bread, bakery and flour products.

The livestock producers were able to keep their positions. Thus, the volumes of dairy products (+ 0.2%) and meat and meat products (+ 0.9%) remained almost unchanged, which could be due to relatively stable demand in the domestic market.

At that time, canned food production of fish, molluscs, crustaceans has increased by 11,4% and canned food production of fruit and vegetable – by 9,6%.

Production of chocolate, cacao, confectionery has risen by 9,6%, too. It could be caused by higher quantity of consumption in 2018. But according to the statistics of trade, Ukrainians have begun to consume more sweets from foreign manufacturers.  For example, the growth of chocolate export was 3.9% and import – 36,8%.

Analytic department of UAC

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