13.09.2009 15:25

Finance Ministry Foresees 3.7 Percent Rise In GDP In 2010

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13.09.2009 15:25

The base-case scenario for economic development in Ukraine in 2010 foresees a 3.7% rise in GDP, says acting Finance Minister Ihor Umansky on Saturday.

According to him, the figure was used when the national budget for 2010 was drafted.

As Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn said at the government's special meeting on Saturday, inflation in 2010 is expected at 9.7% with nominal GDP being estimated at UAH 1.177 trillion.

He also said the wage and servicemen's allowance fund for 2010 is estimated at UAH 331 billion, the average monthly salary is projected at UAH 703 and an increase in real wages is expected at 3%. Exports are forecast to grow by 9.5%, while imports by 6.3%.

Danylyshyn also said that Ukraine may face a foreign trade surplus in 2010. Moreover, he said, industrial production growth is projected at 2.9%.

Source: KyivPost

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