26.10.2022 16:40

Export of cheeses from the EU decreased by 4%

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26.10.2022 16:40

For the period January-July 2022, the volume of cheeses exported from the EU decreased from 562.7 thousand tons to 538.3 thousand tons, sources in the EU reported.

This is a decrease of 4%. The drop in cheese exports from the EU to Ukraine (-29%) and China (-24%) is clearly visible. In the case of Ukraine, the volume fell to 19.9 thousand tons, and in the case of China to 19.3 thousand tons.

In the considered period, exports to Japan decreased by 2% to 70.4 thousand tons, to Switzerland by 5% to 41.8 thousand tons. Exports fell by 3% to Canada, Australia and Morocco.

To which countries did exports increase? EU statistics point to Saudi Arabia: an increase of 5% to 27,000 tons, and Libya: a volume of 14.2 thousand tons (+6%). There was also growth in South Korea (+2%) to 31.4 thousand tons.

In the period from January to June 2022, former EU member Great Britain exported 212.89 thousand tons of cheese, which is equivalent to an increase of 6%.

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