14.08.2017 14:31

In the current MY, Ukraine exported nearly 4 mln tonnes of grains - SSUFSCP

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14.08.2017 14:31

Since the beginning of 2017/18 MY, and as of August 10, Ukraine exported 3.947 mln tonnes of grains, reported the phytosanitary security and seed farming control department at the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP).

In particular, Ukraine supplied almost 1.6 mln tonnes of wheat on foreign markets, including 0.739 mln tonnes of milling wheat and 0.844 mln tonnes of feed wheat, as well as 1.374 mln tonnes of barley, and 0.949 mln tonnes of corn.

In the same period last year, Ukraine exported more than 4.167 mln tonnes of grains, including almost 1.955 mln tonnes of wheat, over 1.74 mln tonnes of barley, 0.378 mln tonnes of corn.

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