17.03.2017 15:35

AvangardCo to continue exports to UAE, EU

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17.03.2017 15:35

AvangardCo IPL, the largest exporter of eggs and egg products from Ukraine, will continue to export its products to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the European Union (EU), and to its other export regions which have not banned imports from Ukraine.

According to a report on the company’s website, avian influenza was not detected at any of Avangard's production facilities, which are located at a significant distance from the outbreaks.

Iraq (76% of Avangard's proceeds from egg sales) and Jordan (5% of Avangard's proceeds from sales of egg products) introduced a temporary import ban on poultry products from across Ukraine.

The UAE (17% of Avangard's proceeds from egg sales) and the EU (57% of Avangard's proceeds from sales of egg products) have banned imports only from three aforementioned regions where avian influenza was detected.

"AvangardCo continues to monitor this situation and has rigorous safety procedures in place in all its production facilities as Ukrainian authorities seek to lift this temporary import ban. At the same time the company is working closely with its customers in Iraq and Jordan in order to find alternative solutions whilst looking for new export opportunities where it can grow its market share," the company said.

AvangardCo IPL is the member of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.


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