31.01.2010 15:44

Aston Lloyd Agri-Commodities Ukraine: Get involved and invest in Ukrainian agricultural land

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31.01.2010 15:44

Aston Lloyd's Agri-Commodities Ukraine offers investors an annual income on crop harvests and capital gains on the increasing value of the land.

Smart investors are turning to this sector now - why? Supply and demand.

Demand has increased as a result of the growth in the world's population (there are approximately 150 more mouths to feed every minute). Add this to the desire for more land to produce biofuels, and demand for soft commodities is higher than ever before.

However, supply remains stagnant. Production of grains is at a historical 30 year-low, and yet consumption continues to grow, hitting a record high of 35 million tonnes in 2008. As a result, a significant gap between supply and demand has emerged.

This gap in the market has attracted institutional funds who have poured £8 billion into agricultural land, despite the economic downturn. It is for this reason that Aston Lloyd Agri-Commodities is excited to bring this agricultural investment opportunity in Ukraine to the market.

Why invest Ukranian Land?

Ukraine is known as the "bread basket of Europe" namely for the fact that 70% of its land is arable, and it has 40% of all rich black earth soil in the world.

The global wheat price is projected to rise from US$193.60 per tonne (January 2010) to US$242.87 by December 2011.

A Ukraine-based management company (Eurofarms LLC) will oversee all farmland operations and implement western management techniques, technology and state of the art equipment to provide high yields for investors of Ukrainian land.

The price of agricultural land in the Ukraine is forecasted to double within a year, and then continue to increase by 28% per annum (areas such as the UK are overpriced and offer land at around US$13,300 – US$26,500 per hectare).

You can do your bit for the environment. Crops such as wheat and rapeseed are being used for biofuels production.

Located at the crossroads of east-west and north-south trade routes, Ukraine is an ideal platform for exporting to both Russia and the EU.

Source: Aston Lloyd Holding PLC

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